Functioning within a regulatory framework enhances transparency and trust, leading to increased mutual benefits to all parties involved. Cyprus as a financial centre has developed a strong regulatory financial services framework, entrenched by the relevant EU directives and regulations, allowing for the set-up of regulated entities in Cyprus which are competitive and cost effective.

E. Tzioni & Associates LLC has a wide experience in licensing matters, including licensing of Cyprus investment firms, alternative investment funds, alternative investment fund managers, administrative service providers and other entities regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. E. Tzioni & Associates LLC has also strong experience in licensing matters related to the Central Bank of Cyprus. The firm also undertakes other types of licensing procedure provided in Cyprus legislation. The firm also provides support after licensing for the entity’s ongoing compliance with the relevant legislation. Indicatively, below are the services offered:

  • Advising clients on the relevant framework, legal requirements, structural set up, corporate governance, internal control requirements, and transaction and regulatory reporting structures such as anti-money laundering policies, conflicts of interest management, as well as market manipulation regulation, insider dealing laws and requirements for disclosing securities interests
  • Drafting and review of the necessary policies and manuals
  • Formation of the corporate vehicle via which a license will be pursued and drafting of specialised constitutional documents in accordance with the requirements laid down in the relevant laws
  • Appointment of non-executive directors on the board of directors of licensed entities
  • Provision of compliance services including the appointment of AMLTF and regulatory compliance officers