E. Tzioni & Associates LLC is a boutique law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, specialising corporate matters as well as in contentious matters. Eleni Tzioni, the firm’s founding partner has a vision; to deliver a service of excellent standards always being by the client’s side.


Having the required legal expertise, E. Tzioni & Associates LLC knows how to deliver the most efficient, optimum quality service available today. The combination of the legal background as well as the talent of the firm’s people, together with the use of disciplined and transparent processes, assisted by top notch technology and with the appropriate security safeguards, allows it to provide complete, flexible solutions suited to the needs of every client. E. Tzioni & Associates LLC aims at offering its services abiding by the highest confidentiality standards and paying respect to its clients’ personal and sensitive data.


E. Tzioni & Associates LLC takes the pride of covering a wide area of knowledge and expertise. It specialises in corporate and commercial matters, with a special emphasis on start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, joint ventures and international and cross-border transactions; as well as in civil litigation with legal experience in civil law, banking law, family law, inheritance law and labour law. The firm further possesses strong legal experience on licensing and compliance, focusing on investments firms, alternative investment funds and other regulated entities. It also provides corporate and fiduciary services, always delivered speedily and in the most efficient manner, including the registration of Cyprus and overseas companies, the provision of nominee directorship and shareholder services, secretarial services, registered office services and banking services, tailor made according to the client’s needs.


Commitment to excellence and concentrating on efficiency, quality, enhancing transparency, and providing a practical insight requires a unique approach. The firm’s approach is founded on its core values. Here are a few values on which E. Tzioni & Associates LLC founds its practice:



Core Values



The firm’s practice is always focused on providing distinctive services and effective advice, by carefully listening to the client and collecting all material information and assessing each case at hand through diligent and strategically structured examination of the relevant legal framework. From the very simple tasks to complex cases, its approach aims to deliver excellent results for the client’s benefit.



Several pieces comprise a practice performed with integrity. E. Tzioni & Associates LLC always aims at providing services in a responsible, fair and honest way. This enables it to create solid relations with its clients based on trust and respect. Through constant and direct communication with the client, its target is to enhance transparency and provide continuous feedback to the client. The clients are guided every step of the way so as to create mutual benefits, because the clients’ success is also the firm’s success.



In providing its services, E. Tzioni & Associates LLC aims at exploring new ways to best serve its clients using the most up to date technologies available. At E. Tzioni & Associates LLC, it is considered that bringing new ideas and methods on the table, any demanding need of a client can be accommodated in a diligent and customised manner.


Social Responsibility

E. Tzioni & Associates LLC has been founded on hard work to serve people, though always aims at staying close to the community and giving back when considered appropriate, to promote the causes in which we strongly believe. Hence, our firm ranks in its highest priorities to return to the society and assists associations of a volunteering nature or which promote charitable and benevolent causes or even people in need to gain access to justice and in general legal services, which might otherwise be inaccessible. Hence, people at E. Tzioni & Associates LLC are constantly vigilant to identify suitable causes urging for our professional assistance and to select appropriate cases upon careful assessment which may be handled on a pro bono basis, fulfilling in this way our firm’s social objectives.