E. Tzioni & Associates LLC has an immense experience in corporate and commercial law matters. From every aspect of corporate law such as formation of companies as well drafting of agreements and all sorts of legal documents, the firm has a unique approach in providing services in the field of corporate and commercial law. Some of the services the firm provides are the following:


  • Formation of Cyprus companies and overseas companies.
  • Fiduciary services including company administration, nominee directorship, nominee shareholder and secretarial services.
  • Corporate organisation and management, complying with all legal and tax requirements including employment law matters.
  • AMLTF Compliance.
  • Re-domiciliation of companies into or out of Cyprus.
  • Corporate procedures such as capital increase/decrease, transfer of shares, differentiation of share rights, raise of financing etc.
  • Restructuring of companies and corporate insolvency matters.
  •  Complex debt restructurings.
  •  Set Up of Partnerships, including limited partnerships.
  • Registration of Business Names.
  • Set Up of Non-Profit Organisations such as companies limited by guarantee, associations and foundations.
  • Set Up of Cyprus International Trusts.
  • Insolvency Procedures.


Fiduciary Services

E. Tzioni & Associates LLC offers a complete range of fiduciary services. Always looking to the best interest of the client, the firm seeks to accommodate every client’s specific purpose in compliance with local legislation and any other legal requirement or commercial consideration or business condition, backed up by its innovative approach to the ever-changing corporate world. The firm offers the following services:


  • Nominee Directorship Services
  •  Nominee Shareholders Services
  • Registered Office Services
  • Set Up and organisation of company substantial presence in Cyprus
  • Banking Services
  • Company Administration Services
  • AMLTF Compliance