E. Tzioni & Associates LLC with knowledge and experience in matters relating to personal data protection provides the following the legal services and support:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the level of personal data protection and the level of compliance in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679
  • Provision of legal advice with respect to the preparation of an enhancement schedule of the framework of personal data protection and preparation of the necessary manuals and policy statements regarding the regulation of matters relating to the personal data protection, according to the client’s needs in compliance with Regulation 2016/679
  • Provision of legal advice in relation to the duties and obligations of the Data Protection Officer
  • Provision of continuous support and feedback with respect to personal data protection and compliance with Regulation 2016/679
  • Communication with the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data on behalf of clients, regarding legal matters requiring clarification, matters of procedure of prior consultation, permissions to transfer data to third countries, notifications and other matters
  • Sessions regarding the support, training, education and understanding of the new legal framework and the new rights and obligations resulting from Regulation 2016/679