E. Tzioni & Associates LLC knows how to best serve you in relation to immigration and citizenship matters in a speedy and efficient manner.

 Our expertise and speedily services include consultation and guidance on the legal requirements and procedure, on citizenship matters as well as to European Union citizens relocating to Cyprus or to persons such as investors, workers, visitors and others, wishing to obtain temporary or permanent Residency Permit in Cyprus. Within the above scope, E. Tzioni & Associates LLC can assist you on:

  •  Relocation and registration of European Union citizens and family members who either EU citizens or third country nationals to Cyprus.
  • Identifying the suitable Category regarding the obtaining of Temporary Residency Permit in Cyprus and applicable requirements in each Category.
  •  Legal advice on the obtaining of a Permanent Residency Permit based on the applicable legal requirements.
  • Legal advice and support throughout the process and communication with the Ministry of Interior for submitting and following up on the application until the completion of the procedure.