In an ever-changing competitive business environment, businesses strive to remain innovative and profitable. M&A remains one of the most common and quick ways for a company to transform its business into achieving its aims, either through the transfer of its ownership, business units or service lines to other entities or its consolidation with other entities.


 E. Tzioni & Associates LLC has strong legal expertise in M&A transactions and indicatively offers the following services:


  • Cross border and local transactions.
  • Performance of legal due diligence on corporate vehicles or businesses involved.
  • Legal advice on corporate, regulatory, employment, competition and other related considerations which may be involved.
  • Drafting, review, negotiation of business sale agreements, share purchase agreements, subscription agreements, joint venture and shareholders’ agreements and other ancillary agreements or arrangements.
  • Coordination of closing and preparation and review of closing deliverables.
  • Debt restructurings.